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AGRIPHOS (43% P2O5, 6% K2O, 2% MN, 1.5% CU, 1.5% ZN, 0.5% FE)

Unique low pH liquid phosphate with the added benefits of potassium and micronutrients for use through pivot irrigation.

Benefits you:

  • Easy to use liquid formulation
  • High concentration, low application rate
  • Applied via irrigation
  • Compatible with urea
  • Added benefits of potassium and trace
  • Elements
  • Saves money and labour
  • Boosts yields

Benefit your crop:

  • Promotes root development
  • Encourages tillering
  • Reduces pH of irrigation water
  • Improves availability of soil applied nutrients
  • -Aids crop establishment and resistance to
  • herbicide applications
  • No need to drive over crop or turn off irrigation for long periods


Soil applied phosphate is rendered highly unavailable in high pH calcareous desert soils.

In the early stages of growth when a crops root system is underdeveloped and nutrient

demand is high, boosting availability of major and micronutrients has a very beneficial effect on crop vigour.

Agriphos is particularly beneficial when:

  • soil phosphate is low
  • soil pH is high
  • soil calcium levels are high
  • better establishment required
  • better root development required
  • greener, healthier seedlings desired
  • pH of irrigation water is high
  • improved yield and quality desired


  • Cereals 5 l/ha (as 2 applications of 2.5l/ha) 1st at 2-3 leaf stage, 2nd 10 days later
  • Alfalfa 2 l/ha (apply 1 week after previous cut)
  • Maize 5 - 7.5 l/ha (as 2-3 applications of 2.5 l/ha split between 4-10 leaf stage at 10 day intervals)
  • Other crops: Contact your distributor.


Agripotash (50% K2O, 4.5 N)   

Highly concentrated liquid potassium for use on cereals, maize, potatoes and field crops

through pivot irrigation or tractor drawn sprayer.



  • Easy to use liquid formulation
  • Low application rate
  • Optimum timing recommendations to
  • achieve best results
  • Compatible with urea and micronutrients
  • Fully formulated for use in agriculture

Benefit your Crop:

  • Improves yield and quality of grain
  • Improves bulking of potatoes
  • Essential for plant water regulation –
  • improves drought resistance
  • Potassium increases straw strength
  • Increases disease resistance
  • Helps maintain N:K ratio
  • Important for photosynthesis

When to use Agripotash:

Great attention is paid to inputs of nitrogen for yield and to phosphate because it is know to be so deficient and unavailable in desert soils. Inputs of potassium, the third major nutrient, are frequently not given enough attention because of historically high levels of potassium in the soil and use of irrigation water often rich in this nutrient. YARA UK analysis has shown that with continued cropping many fields are becoming deficient in potash which is the third major nutrient for plants. Significant yield increases can be achieved with the use of potassium even in cereals which are regarded as relatively unresponsive to potash. With the increased acreage of potatoes and vegetables now grown in Saudi Arabia farmers are also seeing that potassium is a major consideration in fertilizer planning. Agripotash is particularly beneficial when:


  • soil potassium levels are low (below 200 ppm)
  • soil is sandy
  • soil is calcareous
  • high P and N inputs
  • high crop K requirement .
  • little or no soil application of potash has taken place
  • crop has high water requirement.
  • crops grown under irrigation



  • Cereals 5 l/ha (as 2 x 2.5 l/ha at 1st node detectable and 1 week later)
  • Potatoes 5 l/ha (as 2 x 2.5 l/ha during tuber bulking)
  • Maize 3-5 l/ha at 8 leaf stage and1 week later
  • Other crops Contact your distributor for recommendations


NutriCrop UAN-32 (Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution 32 W/W



1. Provides both fast acting and long lasting plant food from its three forms of nitrogen. Quick response

from nitrate, longer lasting from ammonic and sustained feeding from the water soluble organic nitrogen in urea.

2. Enjoys great compatibility with other fertilizers and many chemicals.

Makes possible two or more jobs in one trip over the field. Saves time, labor and money.

3. Is easy to store, handle and calibrate for accurate application in the field.

4. Is safe– being a non pressure neutral ,eliminates safety hazards associated with corrosive materials and high pressure systems



1- Compatible with ammonium phosphate solutions such as 10-34-0, 11-37-0, 9-30-0, etc.

2- Compatible with potash solutions and combinations of potash and ammonium phosphate solutions.

3- Compatible with many herbicides. NOTE: Consult pesticide label or manufacturer before mixing Simplot UAN-32 Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution 32-0-0 with pesticide chemicals.



1. Do NOT spray Simplot UAN-32 Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution 32-0-0 full strength on crops other than pastures.

2. Do NOT mix with aqua ammonia as the blend is very corrosive.