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TRI - PHOLATE (MN 7%, CU 2%, FE 2.5%, ZN 5%, B 2%, MO 0.1%)


Soluble Powder Micronutrient Fertilizers
Formulated for application via centrepivot irrigation or foliar spray to crops grown on high pH,calcareous desert soils.

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  • Very easily dissolved in water
  • No residue in tank
  • Compatible with urea
  • Available as separate Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn or as specially blended Compounds to suit different crops
  • Saves money and labour
  • Gives the best results


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  • Provide essential nutrients in a readily available form
  • Important for photosynthesis, chlorophyll production, growth hormone production, grain set, root formation and metabolism of NPK
  • Uptake by foliage and root
  • Formulated for improved nutrient uptake compared to other products
  • 100% soluble

online casino bonus noWHEN TO USE TRIPHOLATE

Sandy desert soils are generally low in essential micronutrients manganese, copper, iron and zinc. High pH further reduces their availability. These four nutrients play important roles in all crops including chlorophyll production; photosynthesis; auxin production; cell lignification; pollination and grain set; metabolism of nitrogen and phosphate;and many other enzyme reactions. An insufficient supply of micronutrients can therefore significantly reduced crop vigour and become a limiting factor in the utilization of heavy inputs of major nutrients nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. This will cause reductions in yield and quality. It is therefore important to balance nutrition by including manganese, copper, iron and zinc in the nutrient programme along side N, P and K inputs.

online casino bonus noADVANTAGES OF TRIPHOLATE

Pholates are formulated by Phosyn plc of UK who are world leaders in micronutrient technology. Pholates combine the benefits of chelation, improved nutrient value and formulation technology to give the best uptake per Kg of product under desert irrigation techniques and soil conditions. They are proven performers over more than 15 years in Saudi Arabia and are the choice of many large farming organisations. They are available as seperate or compound products with specific recommendations for different crops.

online casino bonus noPRODUCT RANGE

Product AnalysisApplication Rates Total SeasonalRecommendations Typical(to be applied as split applications 10 days apart)
1. Manganese Pholate 24% Mn 2-5 kg/ha 2 x 2 kg
2. Copper Pholate 15% Cu 1-3 kg/ha 2 x 1 kg
3. Iron Pholate 8% Fe 2-4 kg/ha 2 x 1.5 kg
4. Zinc Pholate 15% Zn 1-3 kg/ha 2 x 1 kg
5. Compound Pholate 6-10 kg/ha 2 x 4 kg
1.6% Fe, 3.0% Zn6% Mn2.4% Cu
1. Alfalfa Pholate*, 1-2 kg/ha/cut 2 x 1 kg
1.0% Fe, 3.4% Zn, 5% Mn, 3.1% Cu
1.0% Mg, 0.1% Mo,
300 ppm I, 200 ppm Co,
600 ppm Se
*Includes nutrients for animal health as well as crop production